Dancin Dayz Tap Solo
Lyrical Duet Competition

The Dancin’ Dayz Difference

Dancin’ Dayz Dance Competitions were established in 1999. The Dancin’ Dayz Dance Competition is located in Rancho Mirage, near Palm Springs, California. Our dance competitions are different from the rest in one big way.  We truly have beginner dancers who compete with other truly beginner dancers.

Most studios have more beginner level dancers than they have intermediate or advanced level dancers.  These beginner dancers are future intermediate and advanced dancers, but often when entered into competition, they leave feeling discouraged instead of motivated.  This happens because teachers enter intermediate level dancers in beginner categories due to a fear of those dancers not scoring well in the intermediate level.  Dancin’ Dayz gives specific guidelines to teachers on how to enter their students.  There are no penalties to routines entered in the wrong level, but the judges readily move them to other levels when necessary to even the playing field.  This provides a forum for true beginner dancers to show their skills, have a positive experience and leave the dance competition with an enlightened spirit and passion for dance.

Often the parents tell us they didn’t know so many different genres of dance existed and after the dance competition, their dancer now wants to try lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, etc.  It is common for studio owners to let us know their students returned to the studio after a Dancin’ Dayz Dance Competition wanting to sign up for more classes.  This means we have met our goals.

Dancin’ Dayz has intermediate and advanced level dancers as well.  These dancers tell us they loved coming to the competition when they were starting out and we loved watching them grow up.  Each summer, the dance competition is like a reunion.  Teachers know each other and students play in the pool together.  We hear a lot of “good job” and “that was great” from dancers when they pass each other back stage.  Dancin’ Dayz weekends are fun and positive for everyone.

Dancin’ Dayz is a family run event.  We strive to always run on time, in order and with smiles the entire weekend.  Each studio is awarded and represented at the end of the weekend.  We love our judge’s awards which are presented by the judges personally.  We love our babies category and our adult category.

Every dancer, at every level deserves an appreciation for their hard work, commitment and skill level.  Come check out Dancin’ Dayz and give your dancers the chance to really experience the passion, energy and excitement of being on stage.