REGISTRATION:  Registration must be done online.  The website is

ENTRY FEES:  Registration and fees must be received 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the event date.  Entry fees are nonrefundable.  All fees must be paid through PayPal on-line.

FEES: Please contact us for entry fee pricing.

NO SPECTATOR FEES: Dancin’ Dayz does not charge for spectators.

PROGRAM INFORMATION: All Program information, as well as live streaming of the event, is available on the Dakiki Dance Comp Genie App for iOS or Dakiki Dance Comp Genie for Android.


  • Dancin’ Dayz competition runs in approximately three-hour increments.  Three hours of dancing then 30 minutes of awards and repeats throughout the day.
  • Top scoring numbers for each section will receive special awards.  Judges also give special awards at the end of each day.
  • Cash prizes are awarded for top scoring acts for each day in each level; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • A Spectator’s Choice Award is given at the end of each section.  You can vote for this on our app through the Dakiki Dance Genie App on your smart phone, tablet or computer. This is a great way to get some extra recognition for your dancers and studios!
  • Solo and duets will receive individual trophies.  Every dancer in trios and groups will also receive an award for each routine.
  • Top studio awards are awarded to the studios with highest average point total in each level; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  To qualify for top studio awards the studio must have a minimum of 2 routines registered in one level.
  • Studio Supreme Award will be given out at the end of the weekend after all Top Levels are given.  To be eligible for this award you must have 2 routines in each of our 3 levels.  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  This award takes the average of your scores in all 3 levels and awards Studio Supreme to the highest average scoring studio.
  • Novice level scores are not included into the end of the section awards or into the top studio totals.  This level provides an avenue for students learning how to compete to be included in the experience but keeps their scores separate from the studio average.
  • Adult (25+) division scores are not included into end of sections awards or end of day cash awards, but are included into end of weekend top studio awards.

SCORING OF POINTS:  The scores of each routine are based off of points given on the following 6 categories:

  • CHOREOGRAPHY – Creativity, appropriateness, musicality and dancer’s abilities.
  • EXECUTION OF CHOREOGRAPHY – How well the choreography given is executed.
  • STAGE PRESENCE & SHOWMANSHIP – Energy, facials, crowd appeal, and performance quality.
  • BALANCE, FOCUS & TIMING – Are dancers together with each other as well as music with technical merit.
  • MOVEMENT, LINES, ARMS & LEGS – Attitude of arms, legs and lines.  Moving creatively with the proper technique for the given level.
  • COSTUMING – Costumes should be clean and appropriate for dancer’s age, creativity matching theme of routine and consistency among all performers.


There are three judges judging each routine. The lowest of the three scores is thrown out and the highest two are combined together for the final score.


During the awards ceremony only the points will be announced. If you want to see what place those points represent, please refer to the above point scale. The point scale is also posted in the program.

NOVICE 235-252 217-234
BEGINNER 235-252 217-234
INTERMEDIATE 271-288 253-270
ADVANCED 307-324 289-306

MUSIC:  Group, solo, duet and trios are allowed to be up to 3 minutes except for productions, which can be up to 12 minutes.  Music should be uploaded to our website one week prior to the event and a backup flash drive brought to the event.   All flash drives must be marked with studio name, routine title and entry number.  Cases should be removed.  All music can be picked up at the end of each day.  Please have back up music ready in case of technical difficulties.

CATEGORY GUIDELINES:  Contestants may enter as many categories as desired, but each routine must be different.

There is a limit of two (2) acro passes in all categories except Acro, Character, Cheer and Open.

  • ACROBAT:  A routine demonstrating controlled moves incorporated with music.  The majority of the routine must consist of acrobatic moves.
  • BALLET:  Routine must consist of ballet technique movements and classical steps
  • CHARACTER:  Any form of dance portraying a known personality from stage, television or film.
  • CHEER:  A routine that has a combination of strong, sharp movements, vocal cheering and dance.  May contain up to 50% acro/gymnastics.
  • CONTEMPORARY:  Routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.
  • HIP-HOP:  Routine must consist primarily of hip-hop technique.
  • JAZZ:  Routine must consist primarily of jazz technique.
  • LYRICAL:  Dancers interpret the lyrics, mood and content of the music.
  • MUSICAL THEATER:  Must incorporate some form of dance and either singing, acting or portraying a character.  Microphones will be allowed with prior notice to Dancin’ Dayz.
  • MODERN:  Consists of modern technique, movement and choreography.
  • OPEN:  Any routine that combines multiple styles and categories.
  • POINTE:  Dance consisting of ballet technique combined with the use of pointe shoes.
  • POM POM:  A routine combining dance with the use of Pom Poms for at least 80% of the routine.
  • PRODUCTION:  Any number of dancers incorporating any style or styles of dance.
  • TAP:  Routine must consist primarily of tap technique.  No tap sounds are permitted on the music.

RE-PERFORMANCE: A re-performance is at the sole discretion of the Dancin’ Dayz Director and we reserve the right to refuse re-performance if time does not permit. – If a dancer completes ¾ of the routine and leaves the stage and elects to not perform again the routine will be adjudicated as is.  However if a dancer leaves the stage under that amount of time and elects not to re-perform, the routine will not be adjudicated.

SCHEDULE: Prior to each competition, schedules will be emailed to directors.  We will send ONE tentative schedule which will allow all studios to request MINOR changes within a 4 day period. Once the 4 day period has ended there will be no further schedule changes and a final schedule will be sent out.  Schedules will be available no later than one week prior to event.  Please be on time to the competition.  Have your dancers ready at least 15 numbers (45 minutes) before they are scheduled to take the stage.  All routines need to be checked in backstage five numbers before they are scheduled to go on.  If there is a quick-change problem please let one of our Dancin Dayz staff know as soon as possible to help resolve the problem.  Please stress the importance of having your dancers ready on time, as we like to keep our competition running as smoothly and on time as possible.

PROPS:  Please bring your props into the competition area ahead of time and have them ready to be set up on the side of the stage just before the number goes on.  There will be a designated area to store your props throughout the day.  Please remove your props at the end of each day so there is enough room for every studio.  No special scenery, lighting, smoke, dry ice, fire in any form or electrical devices may be used.  There can be NO sharp objects such as nails or screws, etc. projecting form props that could injure a performer or damage the dance floor/stage.  Substances which alter the condition of the stage are prohibited. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter, etc. may be used that would affect the dancing surface. All Items must be Hyper-Allergenic.  It is the responsibility of the performing studio to clean the stage if needed.  Contestants are responsible for getting props on and off stage as quickly as possible.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Sportsmanlike behavior is expected at all times.  Failure to display proper attitudes could result in immediate disqualification.  Please be courteous to others and treat them, as you would like to be treated.  Clapping and cheering is encouraged!!!  Please no air horns or noisemakers.

VIDEOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED! Videography during any performance is not allowed.  Professional recordings will be available for purchase during the competition. In an event where there is not a photographer, each studio will be given permission for one representative to take photos from a designated area.  Failure to comply with this ruling may result in a 1-point deduction (per judge) to the act being recorded and/or photographed and confiscation of the recording and/or photographs. It is the dance studio’s responsibility to inform their students and parents of this rule.

PROMOTIONAL RELEASE: Upon entering and competing in Dancin’ Dayz, all participants give permission and consent to the use of any photographs or video taken by Dancin’ Dayz for promotional advertising or other commercial use, without royalty, fee or other compensation.

LIABILITY AND RELEASE:  Any dancer participating in a Dancin’ Dayz event is understood to recognize the risks inherent in dance and dance performances.  Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by contestants and their parents/guardians.  Therefore by virtue of entering this competition, it is agreed that participants will not hold Dancin’ Dayz Competition or its owners, directors, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to Dancin’ Dayz Competitions.  Dancin’ Dayz Competition is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.  Dancin’ Dayz reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, disallow any performance, or remove individuals from the premises for any reason deemed appropriate.


3-4 year olds

5-6 year olds

7-8 year olds

9-10 year olds

11-13 year olds

14-16 year olds

17-19 year olds

20-25 year olds

25+ (adult division)

Age divisions are determined by the average age of the dancers in each routine.


  • Novice:  For the recreational students.
  • Beginner:  2-3 years experience with beginner choreography.
  • Intermediate:  Competing 4 or more years.
  • Advanced:  Competing advanced showmanship and choreography.
  • Adult Division:  Any performer 25 years or over, including Parents.
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